Major attractions in and around Burj Khalifa

Being the world’s tallest building with a soaring height of 2272 feet, Burj Khalifa brings a moment of pride to the entire Emirates. Yet, the blend of bustling visitors, world-class restaurants, and irresistible attractions guarding the premises is what sets it apart. 

If you’re planning your next vacation in Dubai, Burj Khalifa must be topping your bucket list. Besides getting to the top of the building, don’t forget the fun places to visit. You’ll find brilliant eateries, bursting markers, and plenty of sandy beaches nearby. Either relax by a resort pool or enjoy your days exploring the tropical oasis; it’s your call. 

There’s always a sense of excitement wandering around. In a nutshell, your next adventure is waiting for you in Dubai. Let’s look at the other significant attractions around the record-breaking Burk Khalifa. 

The Dubai Fountain- Witness dancing water:

Settled on the Burj Lake, the Dubai fountain dances over the choreography of the classical and modern tunes. With the floating walkways, cheering water waves, and edgy street art, Dubai Fountain is home to some surprising secrets. After you’ve encountered the show for close to 30 minutes, now is the right time to uncover what local people love about the district. 

Later in the evening, drench yourself in the wonderland of lively outdoor cafes, intimate couple spots, and quirky boutiques. And you’ll soon realize what to look for around the vibrant laneways.

Souk Al Bahar – Dine with a view:

Burj Khalifa is home to incredible eateries with Michelin star cooks at their steerage. Sitting close to Old Dubai, Souk Al Bahaar is profoundly loved by local people and vacationers. The eateries love valuing their accomplishments, from commending the adoration for Italian foods to the homemade pizzas.

Besides the stunning views of the Burj with the alfresco sitting, the diner offers an extraordinary opportunity to munch on cultural food and understand the reasoning behind the area’s fame. 

The Dubai Mall- Shop till you drop:

Discover Burj Khalifa’s art-loving attractions as you travel down the lane and indulge in a little retail therapy. With more than 1200 fashion stores, Dubai Mall is at the forefront of the city’s love for arts, creativity, and fashion-forward shopping.

We bet you can’t sweep through even the best samples the mall offers. But, keeping an eye out for Dubai’s amazing discounts and festivals will make your shopping endeavor wallet-friendly. 

VR Park – Switch on your gaming mode:

Once you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, turn your steps to the VP Park in The Dubai Mall. Being the largest virtual reality park, you’ll experience thrilling and adrenaline-pumping attractions. After facing a heart-racing virtual fall from the tallest Burj Khalifa, how would you feel? 

If you’re slightly more on the hypnotic side, you can’t miss visiting Hysteria. The haunted house is nestled inside the Dubai Mall and features plenty of dimly-lit rooms with unique terror-inducing surprises. With scary animated characters, gore, and tons of jump scares, the spot isn’t ideal for faint-hearted individuals.

The Burj Park – Snap some memorable selfies:

The Burj Park offers something unique around every nook and cranny, ranging from rugged to remarkable. Here you’ll jump aboard a traditional boat that glides across the entire Burj Lake for breathtaking views of Dubai.

Afterward, you can opt for the Burj Plaza’s Wings of Mexico Sculpture for some Instagram-worthy selfies, with the Burj Khalifa perfectly tamed structure as a backdrop.  

With winding creeks, lush rainforests, and jagged cliffs, The Burj Park is nothing short of jaw-dropping attractions.

Dubai Opera – Watch a night show:

Most of Dubai’s hidden gems rely behind Burj Khalifa’s backyard. And among the regal ones comes the fabulous Dubai Opera. Residing in the heart of Downtown Dubai, historic productions take place on its vibrant stage. From admirable operas to plays and stand-up comedy, Dubai Opera punches well above its weight with the best festivals in the world.

Later on, the activity of indulging in the midnight fireworks, the exciting international sporting carnivals, and plenty of cultural shows in between, it’s clear that Dubai Opera is where the parties are.

The Armani Hotel – Relax at the Spa:

The best way to experience the opulent lifestyle of Emiratis is by visiting The Armani Hotel. If you’re seeking decent Italian-style hospitality, a stay at the Armani is necessary. The hotel contributes to preserving nature and provides services. 

The spa is a paradise for rejuvenation with its quiet hinterland and rhythmic crashing waves. Take a few hours to pamper your mind and soul with utmost comfortability.

Besides, Armani Hotel makes a perfect stay for those interested in action. The place is home to more than 160 extravagant suites and lavish amenities with an industrial edge. Sip on a drink before heading to its private restaurant for dinner.

The Atmosphere – Dine-in at the world’s most prominent peak:

Get a chance to dine-in at the highest peak globally with a prosperous and luxury sitting arrangement. With its globally renowned chefs and multi-cultural flavors, The Atmosphere’s reputation as Dubai’s culinary capital remains firm. Besides the numerous cuisine delicacies, you’ll be experiencing paranoiac views spanning all around you. 

From timeless Arabian dishes to contemporary flavors, the restaurant’s best courses are known for their inspired and creative edge, while coupled with a passion for jaw-dropping views outside.

The Observation Deck – Get on the top of the world:

Standing at the highest peak of the world’s tallest building, the sensation of being dominant among others feels addictive, right? Well, The Observation Deck allows delving into this out-of-the-world feeling. 

The city outshines exceptional views of Dubai’s horizon from the 148th floor. To catch a better idea of the surroundings, you can rent out binoculars and telescopes. To help plan your vacation around the diverse range of events, start by searching for specific dates in the country’s calendar. 

The Lounge – Sip on Tea in the Clouds:

Burj Khalifa is famous for providing many entertainment activities with an extravagant view outside, featuring the world’s highest lounge. Since Burj Khalifa is filled with surprising adventures, there’s no doubt you’ll need a hot cup of tea to keep you fueled up.

Luckily, you don’t have to go far searching for yummy meals and beverages. The Lounge’s philosophy is to provide their valuable customers fresh tea, delicious brunches, and friendly service.

Burj Club – Workout to keep yourself fit:

Who needs a workout place when you can push your body to the limit in the world’s most sublime holiday spots? If your sense of an ideal vacation prioritizes getting active, coming home fitter, or burning excess calories, you can do it in the country’s most beautiful location. 

Burj Khalifa is home to the fantastic Burj Club, where you can work out and be blown away by the scenery outside. Do you know what the best part of this venture is? Regardless of how much or how little workout you do, you’re guaranteed to return feeling more energetic than when you left.

Ending Words!

There’s no denying that Burj Khalifa has always been the lifestyle capital of Dubai. It is a destination worth discovering with burgeoning small-café scenes, world-class art and craft, and an eventful calendar to rival any other Emirate’s city. Explore the secretive laneways, indulge in the stunning beauty, or head to one of the yummiest wine regions surrounding the district, you’re not going to regret your visit.

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