Top 10 Mind-blowing facts about Palm Jumeirah

Have you ever wondered about the dreamy palm-shaped zone in Dubai? The artistic piece of land is indeed a man-made wonder. What’s so ironic about it is its eccentric identity resembling a palm tree representing Dubai’s deserted roots.

Although the over-the-top island isn’t just blowing life to its trumpet, this artificial island has a unique purgative effect on other’s engineering projects ever undertaken within Dubai.

Jutting out into the water off the mainland of Emirates, it outshines a short date palm while bearing right palm fronds. Three curved strips encircle the fronds around the tree like a halo of sorts.

Looking forward to a trip to Palm Jumeirah with your pals? For paying a meaningful appreciative gaze over the picturesque beauty, knowing the following mind-blowing facts is a must. So, keep reading!

1. Visibility from the Space:

Palm Jumeirah is a suburb of Dubai. As it spans over five kilometres into the Arabian Gulf, what sets it apart is its dominance over the world. When you’re flying over Dubai’s coastal beauty, the blissful aerial shots of Palm Jumeirah are indeed hard to miss.

Despite being a million miles away from earth, isn’t it amazing to become a picture worth 1000 words? With that said, Astronauts quickly identify Palm Island far above space.

2. Properties of Celebrities:

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a home in a place that’s the epitome of luxury? With its glitz and glamour, Palm Jumeirah has found its way into the hearts of celebrities as well.

 If you’re pondering over the mouthful of well-known personalities who own property here, David Beckham, a famous football player, owns a lavish villa in Palm Jumeirah. Next, Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood king, possesses a 6BR mansion. Some other celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Robert De Niro and Priyanka Chopra.

3. Involvement of Satellites:

It’s incredible to think how humans have progressed in terms of bringing the use of technology to reclaim land from the sea. For getting the vision of a perfectly contoured and aligned palm-tree shaped archipelago, engineers had to choose satellites to plot the shape.

During the construction of Palm Jumeirah, engineers used satellites, primarily guided by a high-tech GPS that helps spray the sand into place with spotted accuracy. Next, they applied Vibro-compaction technology that skillfully prepared the 560 hectares for the base of land.

4. Vast Accommodation:

As with the other wonders of the world, this marvelling island became a victim of unusual facts. One of such exceptional facts is that the island can easily accommodate more than 600 football pitches. How can we ignore that Palm covers an enormous area of 5.72 sq., equal to 600 football pitches? 

There’s an availability of monorail that connects Palm Jumeirah to the Emirate’s coastline. Almost 20,000 travellers regularly pass through the coastline every day.

5. Protection from Tycoons and Storms:

Nature has endless ways to show its supremacy. Some of them are dumbfounded, while others are terrible. Emirates also presents a magical appearance of the character. When land and water mutually combat natural hazards, that’s what makes it a miraculous site. The same goes for the construction of Palm Jumeirah.

One of the unique abilities of Palm Jumeirah is that architects skillfully plan breakwaters in terms of protection. In this regard, they opted for a delightful composition of tiny rocks to create the breakwater. The shield beneath the crescent protects The Palm from typhoons and storms.

6. A Six years Construction:

Can you guess the time period of bringing the unreal beauty of Palm Jumeirah to life? As far as a human mind could go, constructions take almost ten to fifteen years. Yet, it’s utterly surprising that Palm Jumeirah came into existence within six years. With its remarkable design and marvellous engineering, The Palm is now one of its incomparable attractions.

7. Most Popular Tourist Destinations:

Besides an ideal location and uniqueness, Palm Jumeirah with its star hotels, restaurants, and theme water parks, beach clubs, and food trucks. Presently, it’s one of the most desired tourist destinations. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there’s a lot of fun to do in The Palm. You can hang out at one of the glitzy beach clubs during the daytime, opt for water flyboarding, or encounter the marina life at its best. On the contrary, dance clubs are at your service to make your night memorable.

8. The Provision of Skydiving:

You must have delved into the gorgeous sapphire blue waves and the shining bright sky if you’ve travelled to Palm Jumeirah before. But what about witnessing the palm-shaped island from above the sky?

At times, you’ll hardly realise the peculiarity of The Palm as it’s only worth in two ways, either from the sea or the sky. Getting into a speedboat excursion is worth participating in to explore Palm Jumeirah from the sea.

Book a helicopter tour for a while, and pay an appreciative gaze to the complexity of Palm Jumeirah. With such a long queue of activities, you can help but be amazed.

9. Palm Jumeirah isn’t an Island:

Now that we’ve reached so far, the following fact is shockingly awkward. Although travel brochures and magazines have previously referred to it as an Island, it’s technically not. By definition, an island is a mass of land encircled by water and detached from the state’s mainland.

Yet, The Palm connects to mainland Dubai with a bridge that extends across 1.4 km. Tourists staying at the nearby resorts will need to cross this bridge to reach the site.

10. Usage of Million Tons of Sand and Rocks:

Being on the most luxurious end, can you determine the ratio of material that had to go into reclaiming the land from the sea? To your surprise, it took millions of tons of sand and rock instead of concrete slabs for the creation of the eighth wonder of the world. In an era when steel is a significant part of nearly every development, Palm Jumeirah remains an exception. It might sound alarming, but engineers didn’t use even a single ounce of steel during the construction of Palm Jumeirah, are you still not surprised?

Final Thoughts: 

With glittering sapphire water and natural beauty, the guide to amazing facts about Palm Jumeirah is evidence for visitors’ curiosity. So, have you got all the answers to your queries, or are there more fun facts attached to the site? Maybe you can discover it yourself when you get there.

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