Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Dubai: Are they worth the hype?

Are you wandering in a fantasy land about Dubai’s stunning tourist locations? You’ll be glad to know that Dubai’s touring isn’t restricted to famous sanctuaries only. In fact, it is home to the world’s tallest structures as well. And no, we’re not eluding to the renowned Burj Al Arab, yet the ones you haven’t seen in a while.       

Presently, Dubai is outpacing with its exceptional engineering techniques and massive infrastructures. The transcending buildings make a novel personality for the urban oasis with a social legacy and modish lifestyle. Below is a list of the five tallest buildings that humbly add to the glory of the cityscape.

1. Burj Khalifa – 828 metres:

Settled in a vibrant community of Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the pride of Emirates. With a massive height of 828 metres, it currently occupies the stage for the tallest building in the world. Besides living up to its reputation, the interior of Burj Khalifa outshines references to Islamic architecture, along with the modern global community.

Burj Khalifa is a conceptualised artificial development. The property came to exist within a short period of five years with an exquisite waterfront. Millions of tourists specially visit Dubai to pay an appreciative attention over the giant unnatural wonder. Getting on top of it is a thrilling adrenaline-rushing venture, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted individuals.

2. Marina 101 – 426 metres:

Loaded up with immense beauty, Marina 101 hangs out in the city of heavenly constructions. The significance is pivotal as it’s situated in the marvelous Dubai Marina.

The design of this building embraces a tremendous artistic approach. With 28 elevators, the moving system in the tower is well-equipped. The elevators range from low-speed elevators to higher ones. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your kids are tagging along with you? Additionally, the subtly lit crown is noticeable from the Dubai air terminal in the evening.

3. The Princess Tower – 414 metres:

Next, we have the excellent princess tower in third position. As the name suggests, the structure sprung up with a silver spoon. We can value the incredible views of the UAE’s shore from a height of 414 metres. What’s more impressive is that specialists think of it as Dubai’s two eyes. The Princess tower is delightfully adorned with a façade split into several portions in terms of design.  

A series of humbly bowed balconies shape the main body of the building, and the emerging windows are lined up at the tower’s corners. With such a luxurious feel, Princess Tower has redefined the meaning of hotel design, both in UAE and worldwide. The iconic feature of a decorative dome at the top of the structure is what sets it apart.

4. The Address The BLVD – 368 metres:

Sitting alongside the incomparable Burj Khalifa, The Address is one of the most esteemed hotels in the UAE. This building isn’t shy of epic sights, from beachfront ways to the tremendous Dubai shopping centre and Las Vegas propelled wellspring.

The construction sits on a staggered platform, wherein the upper level gives separate halls to resorts and adjusted lofts. The isolated galleries get secured with a defensive wall toward the north, and the influence of environmental noise decreases reflexively. As the structure features almost 196 suits, the artistic interiors and sensational views of Downtown Dubai add to its vibrancy.

5. Almas Tower- 363 metres:

As an occupant of Dubai’s tallest structures, Almas Tower draws motivation from jewels. Thus, the tower adapts to the shape of diamonds. It is one of the most awesome property projects in the UAE and is related to significant products markets, including Dubai Diamond Exchange, Dubai Gems Club, etc. Also, the Kimberley Process Certification is associated with such notorious structures too.

So far, it has proactively gained higher occupancy rates. Hence, if you’re a property dealer, it would be the best spot to make your ventures as it’ll allow you 100 percent property possession with practically no taxes.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from being a brilliant spot to live in, there’s no denying that Dubai is loaded with massive yet stunning infrastructures. Whether it’s the record-breaking Burj Khalifa or the gigantic skyscraper, the queue is endless. Get a brief look at Dubai’s rising improvement with these five tallest structures in Dubai.

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