Top 8 co-working spaces in Dubai that everyone must know

Living in Dubai is like nothing else, especially for the working class. The splashing waves of the sea, the dine-ins with the locals, and the sizzling of a seaside barbecue, all make it an incredible experience down under. Being a self-employed individual, are you tired of working with the same view from the apartments in Dubai and need a quick change? Well, you can do both in the city. 

We’ve got the eight best co-working spaces at your disposal where you can eat, sleep, or work as a free bird, from bustling cafes to rent-a-desk facilities.


When charming social hubs sit alongside the old-school thought, Nasab by Koa makes it an ideal location if you want a little bit of everything. The club has a delightful aesthetic that makes you feel at home, and meanwhile, you can munch on a range of delicious brunch items.

Nomad is usually for remote workers on the move with access to all the social amenities and official benefits. Besides the endless generosity and gorgeous interior, the club organizes occasional events and workshops to enhance the collaboration skills of its members.

2. A4 SPACE:

Settled in the art hub of Dubai, the café is exceptional with pristine organic products and beverages from homegrown Raw Coffee Company. There’re desks upstairs and a cozy reading nook so you can climb into one and delve into your favorite book for hours. The space is utterly complimentary, but you can buy a hot chocolate and a pancake to help them keep the area running.


With a prime focus on tech startups, the space prioritizes entrepreneurs with bookable meeting cells, open plans, a coding cave, and a device lab to determine the apps. Situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers, the sun shines into the Astrolab’s café. It outshines a huge “Make it Happen” sign on the wall as the tech professionals beaver away at the projects. 

4. Nook:

There’s no second opinion that Dubai has something for everyone and every taste. Nook café gives you the flexibility to make or change plans as they’ll ensure you never miss out on significant interaction with fitness professionals.

 The space tends to assist sports, wellness, and fitness entrepreneurs set up and running their businesses. You’ll find purpose-built studios and training centers with testing facilities on site. Spend your weekend in Nook by working on a strategy to make your brand a successful business venture. 

5. Nest:

One of the most compelling facts about Dubai is the anonymous spots for relaxation. And Nest has plenty to offer when it comes down to business. Inside the quirky Tryp by Wyndham, the coworking lounge features incredible privacy pods, indoor gardens, and a calm community space.

Nest is ideal for freelancers looking for a focused alternative to a noisy café. You’ll find all the feasibilities at once, from endless coffee and snacks to discounts on dine-ins and other amenities. 

6. Letswork:

Instead of having a fixed location, Letswork has utilized some of the city’s top-notch venues to introduce affordable pop-up coworking spots. You can instantly sign up and make the payment before visiting any potential outlets. It might be surprising to you, but currently, 68 districts are occupied with serving Let’s work consumers. With the unlimited liquors, free wi-fi provision, plugged-in seats, and massive discounts, what else do you need to freshen up during work.

7. Witwork:

Like Letswork, Witwork is accessible to all freelancers during off-peak hours across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. While it’s not hard to find a comfortable, cozy corner in the pub, you might have to check for a spot in advance to ensure availability. 

8. WrkBay by Ayana:

WrkBay is a cheap substitute for novice freelancers to access luxury amenities, including private workplaces and meeting rooms, in-house planning groups, organizing occasions, distributed computing bundles, and podcasts. There’s also an elegant cage, a sanctuary garden, high-tech wi-fi, and Rio’s adorable pet parrot.

Summing Up!

Dubai is like living in several places at once. While there’s always an option to innovate a customized working space in apartments and villas in Dubai, the affair can be extravagant. To make it easier, the city has emerged with various co-working spaces, where you can work individually and gather your teammates without having much of a burden on your pocket.

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