Best beach clubs to visit in Dubai

With an endless coastline dotted with silky white sands and pristine waves, it’s not surprising why Emiratis get acquainted with the beaches. There’s something for everyone from secluded swimming pools, laid-back attractions, and exciting activities. However, with beaches comes epic beach clubs as well. 

Beach clubs in the UAE are an aquatic playground for everyone. So, kick off your shoes and take some time out to delve into the moist sand between your toes as you spend the holiday at one of Dubai’s beautiful sheltered beach clubs. 

If you’re planning to cherish the tan this weekend, it’s best to read ahead.

San Beach Club:

Besides being the first beach club to get home at the new Palm West Beach Destination, San Beach Club took inspiration from Africa’s first indigenous tribe, San. And for this purpose, they’ve included elements of earth, fire, and wind to outshine their theme from every angle.

Split into sapphire-blue waters with chic sun loungers; everyone enjoys an outdoor seating arrangement. Lastly, San beach club serves delicious brunches and suppers in an Alfresco dine-out session.

Venus Beach Club:

Are you conscious of your tan? Head to Venus beach club, which is nestled in Caesars Palace Dubai. It makes an optimal area to chill in the pool or get into a few mouth-watering Mediterranean suppers. You can crunch on a refined menu of Italian breakfast by the pool, while the full-course dishes incorporate burrata with prepared potatoes, word-fire pizzas, barbecued steaks, and seafood seasoned with pine seeds, orange, and spices.

Soul Beach Club:

Set over a 3000 square meter beachfront oasis at JA resort, Soul Beach Club is one of the most desired beach clubs in Dubai, admired by both introverts and extroverts alike. The shimmering infinity pools complimented by a 26-meter-long sunbed are perfect for a group tanning session. Alongside a rooftop event space, an indoor and outdoor eatery with plenty of French-based dishes. 

Twiggy by La Cantine:

An ultra-chic beach club and cafe by the creek, the Twiggy by La Cantine relies on Park Hyatt Dubai. Apart from the tasty Arabian dishes, the impressive outdoor restaurants serves stunning Dubai skyline views. You might be glad to know that Twiggy has occupied the hotel’s artificial beach, Lagoon, merging both the opulent destinations into a single unit. 

Nammos Beach Club:

Pack up your swimwear for a weekend at Nammos. It is a beach city that gathers a massive crowd to its seashores at Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach almost every day of the week. In addition to the indoor and outdoor sitting, Nammos offers a wide range of sunbathers to soak up the sunlight while appreciating their Mediterranean cuisine with our toes inside the sand. 

Nikki Beach Club:

While mentioning the must-visit beach clubs in Dubai, how can we forget the most sought-after Nikki Beach Club? Bringing a global roster of events every week to Pearl Jumeirah, Nikki beach club makes a lively spot for a pool day with a peaceful atmosphere and tasty brunches. 

Little ones tend to splash in the calm waters and explore the nearby playgrounds. In contrast, adults can spend the entire day at one of the sun shades with easy access to picnic facilities and amenities. 

Final Verdict:

Dubai is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous and cleanest beach clubs. From above, the bright hues emanate calm and tranquility, but as you dive a little deeper, you’ll soon discover the cheerful surprises of the Beach club’s possible services.

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