Places you can visit for free in Dubai

Dubai’s a mecca of trendy activities with exquisite dining, exhilarating sports, and abundant art opportunities. The city makes a delightful blend of bustling laneways, delicious cuisines, and captivating attractions. While the locals love sipping on the coffee, the expats couldn’t take their eyes off the massive skyscraper. In a nutshell, there’s always a sense of excitement going on here. 

Dubai’s vibrant, silky beaches and robust cultural venues constantly draw visitors to its premises; it’s a region that keeps on evolving. You’ll observe new rooftop bars, opera shows, and designer outlets popping up at every turn. And in this regard, Dubai makes a perfect base for vacations and weekends alike. 

Do you need to be wealthy enough to experience all of it? Absolutely not! It might be surprising, but the glitzy Dubai has plenty of spaces that won’t even cost you a dirham.

Here’s our take on the top 13 places to visit in Dubai, which are utterly free. 

1. Alserkal Avenue:

Alserkal Avenue is an urban asylum among the vast nature of Al Quoz, Dubai. Street art, galleries, alfresco eateries, peaceful neighborhoods and epic festivals all live in perfect harmony. And that is precisely why locals love it. The former industrial estate has swapped identities of engine oil with canvas and made a permanent hive of artistic activity. Not to forget, with nearby cafes and even friendly squirrels, a free trip to Alserkal avenue is bound to be unforgettable. 

2. Antique Museum:

Aboriginal art expression, tales of historic wartime, and the warriors’ survival all play into the fascinating Antique Museum of Dubai. Whether you’re awes-dropping at the sophisticated art galleries, catching a glimpse of ancient jewelry, or digging deep into the gory details of the past, it’s an excellent opportunity to take home a piece of lovely memory from the world’s oldest living culture. 

3. The Boardwalk at Palm Jumeirah:

Where most of us can only dream of visiting the heart of Dubai, the Palm. You can embrace the best of both worlds at the Palm Jumeirah, where soft-sand seashores and scenic parks meet a thriving metropolis of street art, creative nightclubs, and small bars. 

There’s immense gratitude for the seven-mile stretch where you can take a stroll with the Arabian Gulf by your side without burdening your pocket. 

4. The Dubai fountain show:

Life in Dubai revolves around the outdoors. As the capital of Emirates, the city brings you to the jaw-dropping Fountain show that you must’ve never witnessed before. When the perfectly choreographed water waves dance to the modern to traditional music, the sight is a memory to last a lifetime. After the complimentary fountain show, the great spot invites you to kick off your shoes, grab your buddies, and enjoy the food, art, and adventure. 

5. Jameel Art Center:

Nestled along the banks of admirable Dubai Creek, Jameel Art Center is a thoroughly-chiseled funky building. The art spot collaborates both locally and internationally to showcase its contemporary exhibitions. There’s no better way to explore the latest art pieces from across the Middle East than at Jameel Art Collection, and that too completely free of cost. 

6. The Limitless Seashores:

Go beyond the popular travel destinations to discover Dubai’s beaches and island gems. And you’ll soon find out why the sand and water hold such a special place in Emirates national identity. 

While most beaches come with paid beach clubs, you can always get your toes between the moist sand without paying a penny. Tourists prioritize the Beach opposite JBR as you’ll get stunning views from the backdrop. 

7. The Spice Souk:

Dubai’s well-known Spice souk is brimming with culture, sights, and smells. For the sake of the fantastic aromatic free pursuits, a trip to Spice Souk is a must for everyone who’s handy in the kitchen. Besides the flavorful spices, you’ll get a hold of essential oils, dry fruits, and many sweet treats. Even if you’re not up for buying anything, it’s still fun to wander around and delve into the rich history of Arabian cuisine. 

8. The Gigantic Dubai Aquarium:

From snorkeling with baby sharks to getting close to the sea turtles, there’s plenty to enjoy at the world’s biggest indoor Aquarium. Besides the multiple record-breaking attractions on land, marine life is equally superlative. 

From the world’s rarest starfishes to the unbelievably-large blue whales, it’s all happening at Dubai’s most admirable indoor Aquarium. Do you know what the best part is? You can swim along with these majestic sea creatures with a handful of professional snorkeling operators. 

9. Catching the Camel races:

Camel Racing in the Arabian desert is undoubtedly a unique experience that you can encounter for free. The racing sessions run between the autumn season and occur in an informal setting on the weekend mornings. Various tracks around the Emirates, yet the most extended way Al Marmoom resides in Dubai. Join the lively bunch in the evening and observe a rejuvenating energy wash over you. 

10. Riverland Dubai:

Spread over four busy districts in Dubai, Riverland Dubai is a travel destination. Since the venue is entirely free, including the parking and accessibility, The Peninsula is the heart of the location. It features an ample outdoor space that regularly hosts exciting festivals and events. Take a seat on one of the couches as you watch the musicians and acrobats live up the zone. Or else, wander around the captivating beauty of the surroundings. 

11. Coffee Museum:

Visiting the eccentric Coffee Museum is one of the best free activities in Dubai if you’re a caffeine addict. Experts often say that the Emirati lifestyle isn’t fueled by oil but by coffee. And for that reason, this place makes a delightful blend of history and cravings. The ground floor presents unknown roasting techniques, while you can sip on the delicious hot coffee while listening to the reasoning behind the taste. 

12. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dubai is known for its cuddly and cute wildlife, but are you up for getting close and personal to these animals? For those who see that twitching not only includes involuntary spam, Ras Al Khor Sanctuary puts a stop to your curiosity. 

The wildlife heaven is home to families of feathered species. And while the energetic flamingos to the bill, you’ll also spot the friendly herons, cormorants and ospreys in a peek-a-boo style. Nearly every visitor here looks forward to having an incredible wildlife experience, and, honestly, it’s pretty easy to accomplish.  

13. Sunrise at Al Jaddaf:

Most Emiratis are early birds, so morning is for piping hot tea and spending quality time among nature with the spectacular sunrise. 

Experience the epic sunrise at Dubai Creek’s central spot, Al Jaffar and immerse into the country’s most extravagant mornings for yourself. From the giant mountains to shiny surf spots and antique rock formations, catch Dubai’s landscapes at first light for a promising start to your day. 

Ending Thoughts:

Whether you’re seeking the city’s fascinating flavors or fierce physical rivalries, you can delve into all of them without loosening your wallet. And that’s the beauty of Dubai. If you’re getting low on budget? It’s not a problem as the city has attractions that fit every taste and budge

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